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Article collections


Advanced Theranostic Materials for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications
Edited by Kun Na

Smart Polymers for Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering
Edited by Kang Moo Huh

Biomaterials for bone and joint
Edited by Jae Hyup Lee

Biomaterials for Stem Cell Engineering
Edited by Seung-Woo Cho


Smart Biomaterials for Translational Nanomedicines
Edited by Sei Kwang Han

Nanostructured Biomaterials
Edited by Oh Hyeong Kwon

Next generation bioceramics
Edited by Jake E. Barralet


Multi-dimensional biomaterials for theragnosis
Edited by Dr Won-Gun Koh

Biomimetic microenvironment for regenerative medicine
Edited by Dr Ho-Wook Jun and Dr Hak-Joon Sung


Engineered biomaterials for tissue engineering
Edited by Dr Kwideok Park

Ceramics in bio-applications
Edited by Dr Hui-suk Yun

Current and future biomaterials for dental application
Edited by Prof Hyeong-Cheol Yang