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Table 1 Analytical data of synthesized GAG derivatives

From: Increased pore size of scaffolds improves coating efficiency with sulfated hyaluronan and mineralization capacity of osteoblasts

Mn [g mol−1]28,130 (84000)29,900 (52800)
Mw [g mol− 1]57,270 (91200)62,000 (93700)
  1. LMW-HA low molecular HA, sHA3 high-sulfated HA, DS average number of sulfate groups per repeating disaccharide unit, Mn number-average molecular weight, Mw weight-average molecular weight, analyzed by gel permeation chromatography (GPC); values as determined with Laser Light Scattering detection and Refraction index detection (in parentheses), PD polydispersity index detected by GPC; values calculated from RI detection