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Table 2 Mean and standard deviation (SD) of micro-shear bond strength (in MPa)

From: Performance of universal adhesives on bonding to leucite-reinforced ceramic

Group Water storage (24 hour) Thermocycling (10,000 cycles)
NC 22.71 (2.22)c 16.60 (4.37)c,*
SBU 27.99 (3.89)b 23.89 (2.00)b,*
ABU 27.22 (2.06)b 22.76 (3.90)b,*
PC 32.92 (3.41)a 27.91 (3.05)a,*
  1. Within the same column, values with different superscript lower case letters are statistically significantly different (Tukey HSD, P < 0.05).
  2. *indicates significant reduction in bond strength of each group after 10,000 thermocycles (Paired T-test, where P < 0.05).
  3. Abbreviations: NC, negative control; SBU, Single Bond Universal; ABU, ALL-BOND Universal; PC, positive control.