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The Korean Society for Biomaterials

The Korean Society for Biomaterials (KSBM) was founded in 1996 and aims to support and expand the applications of biomaterials by exchanging recent academic and technical information among researchers in academy, clinics and industry of medical society. KSBM involves various professionals working individually and cooperatively in order to maximize their abilities for biomedical application of biomaterials. As of May 2014, the KSBM has approximately 2,000 members studying physics, chemistry, biology, medical sciences and engineering of biomaterials and their clinical applications.

The KSBM launched its official journal, Biomaterials Research (Biomater. Res.), in 1997 and has been publishing over 30 scientific articles annually about biomaterials related to (stem) cells and tissue engineering, artificial organs, drug delivery system, biotechnology, nanotechnology, medical devices and evaluations of biomaterials and medical devices.