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Table 1 Internal gelation with water-soluble cross-linkers: mixing cross-linkers with Na-alginate before droplet generation

From: Preparation of alginate hydrogel microparticles by gelation introducing cross-linkers using droplet-based microfluidics: a review of methods

References Trivedi et al., 2009 [48] Zhang et al., 2006 [60] Rondeau and Cooper-White, 2008 [39] Present review Present review
Droplet generation Concentration of Na-alginate 1 wt% 0.5 wt% 0.5 wt% 0.06 wt% 0.006 wt%
Continuous fluid Silicone oil Mineral oil DMCa DMCa DMCa
Use of surfactant NO Span 80 Not mentioned NO NO
Geometry Flow-focusing Flow-focusing Flow-focusing Cross-flowing Cross-flowing
Microfluidic material Fluoropolymer tubing and junctions PDMS chip PDMS chip Fluoropolymer tubing and junctions Fluoropolymer tubing and junctions
Internal gelation by mixing
Na-alginate and water-soluble cross-linker
Cross-linker BaCl2 (50 mM) CaCl2 (0.1 wt%) CaCl2 (0.25 wt%) CaCl2 (0.06 wt%) CaCl2 (0.002 wt%)
Geometry Flow-focusing Cross-flowing Flow-focusing Cross-flowing
Mixing Before droplet generation During droplet generation Before droplet generation Off-line, before droplet generation During droplet generation
  1. aContinuous and dispersed fluids partially miscible - DMC (Dimethyl Carbonate)