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Table 2 Disc diffusion test and inhibition zone diameter (mm) of electrospun nanofibers and standard antibiotic discs against S. aureus

From: Fabrication and characterization of tretinoin-loaded nanofiber for topical skin delivery

StrainsSensitivity diameter (mm)
FormulationaStandard antibiotic disc
S.Aureus ATCC®25,92300031313022
S.Aureus ATCC®29,21300032323023
  1. aA: Tretinoin 0.5% w/v, B: Tretinoin 1% w/v, C: plain nanofiber with no drug, D: Tretinoin and Erythromycin-loaded nanofiber, E: Erythromycin-loaded nanofiber, and standard antibiotic disc including EM Erythromycin and CTT Cefotetan