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Table 2 Summary statistics of bond strength (Newton) for each group (A), two way ANOVA results (B) and post hoc analysis (C)

From: Effects of motion direction and power of Er,Cr:YSGG laser on pull-out bond strength of fiber post to root dentin in endodontically-treated single-canal premolar teeth

A) Statistics of bond strength
GroupMeanStd. DeviationMinimumMaximum
C1.5241.5733 N12.99546219.70 N262.10 N
L1.5242.3867 N12.46686220.70 N262.10 N
C1.0240.9467 N12.86978220.20 N262.70 N
L1.0238.5933 N10.97318221.10 N260.10 N
C0.5222.9133 N6.41826209.90 N230.70 N
L0.5221.2067 N7.34064209.70 N232.70 N
Control218.3267 N4.98691209.60 N229.40 N
Total232.2781 N14.15982209.60 N262.70 N
B) ANOVA table
SourceF statisticsDf1Df2P value
Power12.038299p < 0.001
C) Post hoc analysis for Power
Group (I)Group (J)Mean Difference (I-J)Standard ErrorP value
Power 0.5 WPower 1.0 W−11.9902.836p < 0.001
Power 1.5 W−13.7943.563p< 0.001
Power 1.0 WPower 1.5 W−1.8033.7370.630
Control21.4433.737p < 0.001
Power 1.5 WControl23.2474.315p < 0.001