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Table 1 Advantages and disadvantages of bearing surfaces

From: Recent updates for biomaterials used in total hip arthroplasty

Bearing Surface Advantages Disadvantages
MoP Articulation ∙ Good long term results in elderly patients ∙ Higher rate of liner wear
∙ Newly materials - XLPE, Antioxidant doped PE ∙ PE liner wear debris generated the occurrence of osteolysis
∙ Newly materials do not have long term results
MoM Articulation ∙ Reduction in wear ∙ Bone and soft tissue necrosis with pseudotumor formation
∙ Improvement of range of movement ∙ Cobalt and chromium ions can affect the body
∙ Lower dislocation rate ∙ Relatively high rate of osteolysis and implant failure
∙ Good clinical results in small head MoM ∙ Withdrawal of large head MoM
CoC Articulation ∙ Lower wear rate ∙ Ceramic fracture
∙ Lower osteolysis ∙ Squeaking noise
∙ Very higher survivor rate in long term results
∙ Harmless wear particle to human body
CoP Articulation ∙ Ceramic surfaces advantages + PE surfaces advantages ∙ Alumina head fracture
∙ Lower wear rate ∙ Metal transfer