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Table 2 Conventional MR contrast agent for diagnosis

From: Theranostics and contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging

  Main material Name of compound Trade name Target organ Reference
T1 Gadolinium gadoxetate Primovist Liver [117]
gadoterate Dotarem, Clariscan Brain and spine [118]
gadodiamide Omniscan Abnormal vascularity [119]
gadobenate MultiHance Liver [120]
gadopentetate Magnevist Glioma [121]
gadoteridol ProHance Brain and spine [122]
gadoversetamide OptiMARK Brain, spine, and liver [123]
gadobutrol Gadovist or Gadavist Angiography [124]
gadopentetic acid dimeglumine Magnetol Abnormal vascularity [125]
Albumin-binding gadolinium complexes gadofosveset Ablavar or Vasovist Angiography [126]
gadocoletic acid gadocoletic acid Angiography [43]
gadomelitol gadomelitol Angiography [127]
gadoteric acid Clariscan Brain and spine [128]
T2 Iron oxide Iron oxide Feridex I.V Reticuloendothelial system [129]
Iron oxide Lumirem Gastrointestinal tract [130]
Iron oxide Sinerem Lymph nodes [131]
Iron oxide Resovist Reticuloendothelial system [132]