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Table 8 Leading commercial cell therapy products and companies in 2012[18]

From: The market trend analysis and prospects of scaffolds for stem cells

Company Product Indication
Advanced Biohealing, a Shire Company Dermagraft Diavetic foot ulcers
Allosource distributed by NuVasive Osteocel Skeletal defects
Alphatec Spine PureGen Musculoskeletal defects
Altrika Myskin Wounds
Altrika Cryoskin Wounds, burns
AvitaMadical ReCell Wounds, burns, scars
BioDlogics(distributed by America) BioDfentor Wound healing, soft tissue defects, skeletal defects
BioDlogics(distributed by America) BioDfence Wound healing, soft tissue defects, skeletal defects
Dendreon Provenge Prostate cancer
Fibrocell laVin Nasolabial fold wrinkles(smile lines)
Genzyme(a Sanofi company) Carticel Articular cartilage repair
Genzyme(a Sanofi company) Epicel Severe burn and skin replacement
Genzyme(a Sanofi company) MACI Articular cartilage repair
NuTech NuCel Wound healing, soft tissue defects, skeletal defects
Organogenesis Appligraf Venous leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers
Organogenesis GINTUIT Gingival and alveolar mucosal surface defects
Orthofix Trinity Evolution Musculoskeletal defects
Osiris Therapeutics Grafix Acute and chronic wounds
TiGencs ChondroCelect Articular cartilage repair
Zimmer Orthobiologics DeNovo NT Articular cartilage repair