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Table 1 Technology field and contents related to stem cells[23]

From: The market trend analysis and prospects of scaffolds for stem cells

Technology field Contents
Bio-tissue engineering and engineering of bio-organs using stem cells - The regenerative ability of the stem cell is used to culture the stem cell and the supporting cells, and the widely-differentiated tissue and organ regenerates the damaged tissue or organ to enable the treatment of the disease.
- The bio-tissue using stem cell is high in biocompatibility and low in immune-rejection, expected to possess a big strength as the tissue engineering product.
Cell therapy product development using stem cells - The stem cell extracted from the patient is differentiated/proliferated in a specific environment and injected into the relevant patient to substitute for the function of the damaged cell and tissue
- The universality of the stem cell is expected to innovate in all medical fields of the cardiovascular system, the nervous system, the blood and immune system, the bone and cartilage system, and in the skin.
Efficiency of new drug development using stem cells - Stem cells are differentiated into specific disease cells to discover candidate materials for new drugs, and the effectiveness verification is quickly performed in large quantities to improve the efficiency of new drug development.
- During the clinical test process in new drug development, stem cells are differentiated into various cells and tissues, which are expected to verify the toxicity of the candidate material for the new drug more easily and quickly.
  - The cancer stem cell is the original material for anticancer drug development and for initial diagnostic technology development of cancer, prospected to be utilized in new anticancer drug and diagnostic agent development.